America Vote

To Vote on the pending bills:
Email your vote----One vote per email  To:
subject:  hr or s and number of bill
message: your state abbreviation, congressional district #, yes or no
Visit url, review information
on these bills and vote directly from our homepage.
To subscribe to Ballot the mailing list, email to:
--- ------  Message "subscribe ballot"
This list is for citizens who don't want to miss the opportunity
to vote on the next Communications Decency Act, the next NAFTA,
the next Tax Increase, or the next Term Limits.  The list Ballot,
is emailed every Monday, Congress is in session, contains
information pertaining to bills "ON THE FLOOR" and serves as
a reminder to vote on pending legislation.
No Vote=No Representation=No Power
Your vote creates accountability of Legislators to you.
Copyright (c) 1996  America Vote, Inc.

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