C-LIB is an moderated electronic discussion list for conservative
librarians.  Participants are encouraged to raise conservative issues
related to libraries and librarianship, air common concerns, share
information, discuss books, circulate bibliographies, publicize events
events, meetings, etc., and work to establish a more visible and
effective conservative presence in American libraries and
librarianship.  C-Lib is moderated by Noel Anderson, Humanities
Librarian of the University of Texas at Arlington.
To subscribe, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@UTARLVM1.UTA.EDU,
with nothing in the subject line & no signature, writing the
command in the body of your message:
      SUBSCRIBE C-LIB yourfirstname yourlastname
   For example:  SUBSCRIBE C-LIB Richard M. Weaver
   To signoff, write:
   To get help, write:
      HELP C-LIB

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