Our Daily Bread

For information on Our Daily Bread, please contact RBC Ministries
by clicking this link: http://www.rbc.org/odb/odb.shtml
World Wide Web address:  http://www.rbc.org/odb/odb.shtml

"Our Daily Bread", Copyright 1996, used by permission
of RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI 49555 USA.  Written
permission must be obtained from RBC for any further
posting or distribution.  RBC produces a variety of Bible
resources, which are available for the asking.  RBC is not
funded by any group or denomination, and support comes
voluntarily from its members and friends.  Write for more
information or call 1-800-598-7221.  To order a printed copy
of the "Our Daily Bread" devotional send an e-mail message
requesting it to rbc@rbc.org
To subscribe/un-subscribe to ODB, please send a message
to odb-request@nicoh.com, with one of the following in
the body:  help (to get a help message), subscribe
(to enter a subscription), or unsubscribe (to get off
the list).  Send mail to simmdan@nicoh.com for human
World Wide Web address:  http://www.rbc.org/odb/odb.shtml

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