The Other Side of the News

Here it is, the inaugral mailing of The Other Side of the News.  This
is truly a big event for us.  We want this to be a good service.  If
you have *any* comments, please send them to either myself or Mark E.
Howerter .
As will be the case with every edition sent, the article is signed by my PGP
key.  If you run the text through PGP, you will have it verified as
authentic.  This is to prevent any tampering.  If you want to verify
my key as authentic, you can either finger my account or check it
with the MIT PGP server.  I maintain a rudimentery PGP info page at:
Please give us a little feedback on this initial mailing, so that we
can improve our quality.
You may be removed from The Other Side of the News mailing list at
any time by sending email to with the subject
Unsubscribe Other Side.  Please direct comments to Mark E. Howerter
at  Old articles can be found at:
                        finger for the PGP public key

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