Susan B. Anthony List

        Like me, you may have been saddened recently to discover the
unveiling of a mailing list and web page devoted to Emily's List. As you
know probably, Emily's List financially supports radical abortion
proponents for Congress.
        We can make a difference and help elect women who affirm the right
to life by supporting the Susan B. Anthony List. Susan B. Anthony, a
leader in the movement for equal rights for women is widely heralded in
pro-life circles for her enthusiastic support for the right to life and
for her keen observations well over one hundred years ago that abortion
destroys both children _and_ women.
        SBA worked vigorously in 1994 to help elect pro-life women and
were successful in assisting Helen Chenowith (R-ID), Sue Myrick (R-NC),
Andrea Seastrand (R-CA), and Linda Smith (R-WA), among others. EMILY's
List, a well-known fund for pro-abortion women, contributed over $8.2
million in 1994. However, SBA, with the help of right to life supporters
from every walk of life, helped make 1994 the year of the pro-life woman.
        Let's do it again in 1996! Drop by the Susan B. Anthony List
information page located at:
        You can also find out period information about SBA candidate and
other general pro-life news and information on the Infonet listserv. For
more information, send an email to:

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