Statements From SPC Michael New

as received from C-NEWS, June 26, 1996.

From:  SPC Michael G New, HHC 1/15 INF, Medical Platoon,
19 September 1995
Reference (a) Oral orders of 23 August 1995 to do research, and an
oral suggestion that I clarify my position on paper:
1. Pursuant to Ref. (a) in compliance with orders received on or about
23 August of 1995, I researched the U.N. Charter, history and
objectives of the UN and submit enclosure (1), the statement my squad
leader suggested I write concerning my convictions and position
regarding wearing a UN uniform and serving under UN command.
Enclosure (1) attached hereto is submitted in specific compliance with
the suggestion given to me.
2. I have reviewed the UN Charter, it's history and objectives which I
was somewhat familiar with, and I still find that the US Constitution
and Declaration of Independence are incompatible with the UN Charter.
My statement is submitted, and I await further direction.
SPC New, Michael G. (U.S.A.)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
1. As an American soldier I fully intend to obey all lawful orders,
and I again request that the Army through appropriate channels provide
for my review the legal justification for the change of uniform and
the justification for pending deployment orders for UN/NATO operation
"Prevent Deployment."  Please include any and all relevant acts of
Congress and/or Security Council Resolutions.
2. On August 21, 1995, my seniors in the U.S. Army chain of command
informed me that my unit and I would soon be ordered to a UN operation
in Macadonia which would require that we significantly alter our
uniform by sewing a United Nations patch and wearing the blue beret
and/or helmet of the U.N.  These are important insignia.  If they were
unimportant, then I would not have been threatened with
courts-martial, imprisonment, or less than honorable discharge when I
expressed my reservations about wearing them.  I interpret the wearing
of a uniform, or the accouterments of a uniform, as a sign of
allegiance and faithfulness to the authority or power so signified or
which issues that uniform.  I am an American who was recruited for and
voluntarily joined the U.S. Army to serve as an American soldier.  I
am not a citizen of the United Nations.  I am not a United Nations
Fighting Person.  I have never taken an oath to the United Nations,
but I have taken the required oath to support and defend the
Constitution of the United States of America.
3. I am not trying to avoid a difficult or dangerous assignment or to
get out of the Army.  I served in Kuwait last year and have offered to
serve anywhere in the world, in my American uniform, in the capacity
as a U.S. Army medic under American command and U.S. Constitutional
protections.  I have worked diligently to be a good soldier, and have
received early promotion and recognition for my efforts.  I have
previously been offered a "Green to Gold" program to an Army
commission, and I am still seriously considering that offer.  In order
to avoid controversy or to avoid placing the Army in a bad light, I
to avoid controversy or to avoid placing the Army in a bad light, I
have requested a transfer to a unit that is not required to wear the
U.N. uniform.  I was told that such was not possible and I was even
reluctantly willing to accept an honorable discharge, and I was
willing to sadly and reluctantly withdraw from the U.S. Army quietly.
That request was also denied.  However, I will not wear a UN uniform
or serve under UN Command, and I will strongly contest any discharge
that is less than honorable.
4. I simply cannot understand the legal basis of the Army order to
change my uniform and, thus, shift or alter my status and allegiance
against my oath of enlistment, my conscience and against my will.
Despite my requests for information up my chain of command, my
questions about the justification and, thus, the lawfulness of such an
order or about how my allegiance can be transferred to the UN without
my approval have gone unanswered.
5. My father and mother share my deep concerns and have requested
similar answers and information and help from General Dennis Reimer,
Army  Chief of Staff in Washington, DC, in getting answers to my
questions and theirs.  To date, we have received no answer or
6. My chain of command has directed me to study the history and
objectives of the U.N.  My knowledge of, and my research into the
United Nations, (which continues even as I prepare this statement,)
indicates to me that the U.N. Charter is based upon man-made "human
rights" and principles which are incompatible with the God given
"inalienable" rights preserved and protected by our Constitution of
the United States.   Thus, the U.N.'s authority and principles are
diametrically opposed to the founding documents of my country.  The
more I study the U.N. history and American history the more
incompatible they appear to me.
7. I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of
America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  As an American
soldier, I was taught and believe that the  Constitution is the
fundamental law of America and if there is any ambiguity or conflict
with the UN or any treaty or international agreement or organization
that the US Constitution would always prevail.  My Army enlistment
oath is to the Constitution.  I cannot find any reference to the
United Nations in that oath.  That oath includes a statement that is
more than a passing reference to God Almighty, it is a prayer, "... so
help me God."  It is no secret that our nation is founded upon
Biblical principles.  The U.S. Supreme Court so held as a matter of
history, fact and law based upon dozens of precedent. (1)  Our
founders reflected this fundamental fact (Americans enjoy God given
rights which government cannot abridge) in their speeches,
correspondence and documents from the Mayflower Compact to the
Declaration of Independence and other more recent documents, all of
which recognize certain rights such as life, liberty and property as
being bestowed from God, and as, therefore, "inalienable."  I am
losing something precious and more valuable than the U.N. can possibly
grant me by surrendering my status as an American soldier and fighting
8. Without a response from the  Army about the justification, it is
difficult if not impossible to judge the legality of any orders to
become a U.N. soldier, and in the face of any doubt, I do not intend
to surrender my status as an American soldier to wear the uniform of a
foreign power.  If you wish to convene a court martial and send me to
jail for standing upon my oath as an American soldier and for firmly
defending my wearing the American Army uniform, and upholding its
historic significance, then I cannot prevent that action, and I will
accept it as a price I am willing to pay rather than submit to an
order to obey or render allegiance to a foreign power, the United
It would seem there are those who would see my country assimilated or
increasingly under the authority of the United Nations or subject to
international tribunals and this would mean a corresponding loss of
America's sovereignty, departure from our founding principles in the
Constitution which I am sworn to defend and a loss of independence for
all Americans.
Specialist Michael G. New, U.S.A.

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