A Modest Proposal

by J. L. Cipolla, PhD. Received via C-News on 12/10/96.

Children are naturally curious, and have certain apetites that awaken in
adolescence that it makes no sense to try and control. Nevertheless,
public health risks associated with the exercise of these apetites are
of extreme concern, and deserve attention in the schools, whether or
not parents cooperate.
Therefore, I believe that schools should immediately begins a program
to distribute low - tar, low - nicotine cigarettes in public schools.
Adoloescents are going to do it anyway, so we might as well educate them
in the schools about Safe Smoking as a lifestyle choice.
This new initiative requires the cooperation of the tobacco industry
and the National Educational Association, a natural partnership between
groups who care about Our Kids and who are dedicated to working hard to
get the truth out.
We ask that concerned parents write their congressmen, teachers, and
tobacco company executives urging them to adopt this common sense
initiative. Our Kids' future is at stake.

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