Issues: Property Rights

I just learned of two property rights organizations which should be of
interest to at least some of you.  Maybe even some who can help?
"Stewards of the Range" is a non-profit educational organization, located
in Boise, ID.  They are about to enter the I-net world, and need help
with a home page.  Like most small non-profits, they can use all the
volunteerism they can get.  If you could help them set up their home
page, domain, or give them good net advice, they would love to hear from
you.  Tel: 208 336-5922, or  Ask for Pam Swatzel.
They didn't request this post, but it seemed like a good idea to me.
Please pardon, if I am stepping on anyone's toes or protocol.
"Liberty Matters" is another clearing house for property rights info,
located in Austin, TX.  They have a very interesting faxback @ 518
725-7890. Touchtone voice first, then switch to fax, based on their menu.
 Or try  This seems to be a corporation offering free
grassroots services. VERY well organized, and useful.
Another non-profit which is fighting for our rights on the legal fronts
is Pacific Legal Foundation, located in Sacramento, CA.  Very well
informed, active in amicus curae briefs and legal actions on several
fronts, including property rights, but not yet on the net, last I heard.
Their Summer '96 newsletter, "Guidepost," has some very interesting
stories.  For info, call 916 641-8888.
[Editor's Note: Sorry, but I lost the name of the fellow who sent this info.]

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