Quote(s) of the Week (May 26, 1996)...

On just how far our beloved President will stoop...

"To retreat from the call to arms and then later to embrace its code when it is convenient is an outrage to all who served and those who remember the loss of those who paid the ultimate price."

    --Five medal of honor recipients in a full-page ad to be run on Memorial 
      Day.  Washington Times front page, May 26, 1996.  They are referring to 
      Mr. Clinton's claim that a 1940s law intended to shield active military 
      personnel from civil litigation protects him from a sexual harassment 
      lawsuit filed by former Arkansas employee Paula Corbin Jones.

On Heath Care ...

"One in five intensive-care nurses responding to a survey admitted hastening the deaths of terminally ill people, sometimes without the knowledge of doctors, families or the patients themselves."

    --Daniel Q. Haney, in a front page story for the Washington Post. 
      May 23, 1996.

On God's grace ...

"Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God's grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God's grace."

    --Jerry Bridges, in his book "The Discipline of Grace".

On Racial Differences ...

"I was elected in an almost totally white district -- probably 88 percent white, 70 percent Democrat. So I don't think I got elected either because of the color of my skin or my party affiliation. I think I got elected because I espouse a message that transcends racial and party lines."

    --Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK) when asked about racial barriers in trying to 
      communicate his conservative message to voters.  Focus on the Family 
      Citizen magazine, May 27, 1996. Page 7.

On our Constitution ...

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

    --John Adams, second president of the United States, in an October 11, 1798 
      address to the military.  From America's God and Country by William J. 

On our Capitol City ...

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

    --Inscribed in stone on the National Archives building in Washington, D.C.

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