Quote(s) of the Week (June 9, 1996)...

On Finally Telling the Truth about Clinton ...

"For this President, words are action."

    --Clinton advisor George Stephanopolous, in the April 22 issue of 
      Time Magazine.

On Previously Telling the Truth about the Minimum Wage ...

"A full assessment of where to set the minimum wage should consider a wide range of factors beyond its income effects on the working poor. AFTER ALL, MOST MINIMUM WAGE WORKERS ARE NOT POOR. [Embellishment added]. And the potential effects of a minimum-wage increase on employment should, of course, be weighed."

    --Robert B. Reich, U.S. Secretary of Labor in a confidential Memo to 
      Robert Rubin [then head of the Economic Security Council], July  20,  

On the State of Education in America ...

"...the school district just north of us canceled Christmas last year so that no one would be offended. I can hardly wait until elections this fall. I think there will be some new school board members elected and maybe a superintendant looking for a new job."

    --Alan Bigler, in a post on the Promise Keepers listserver.  June 5, 1996.

On the Company We Keep ...

"This is certainly not good news for the Administration. On the heels of everything involving Whitewater, and now the Espy thing seems to be percolating to a higher level of brew. It's not a welcome development."

    --Joseph diGenova, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, in an 
      article from Reuters News Agency.  The article referred to the recent 17-count 
      criminal indictment concerning illegal campaign contributions to the brother 
      of former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy.  Espy resigned from the Clinton 
      Cabinet in 1994 amid accusations that he took favors from companies that his 
      department regulated.  Washington Times, June 3, 1996.  Page A4.

On Whatever Happened to the Old-Fashioned Way ...

"Sweeney might have been much better off in the long run trying to buy Congress the old-fashioned way than to draw his member's attention to the way they are being ripped off."

    --A contact at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, in response 
      to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney using $35 million of mandatory members' dues 
      to defeat congressional Republicans in 1996.  Washington Times, June 3, 1996.  
      Page A7.

    [Editor's Note: The Right-to-Work Legal Defense Foundation provides free legal 
    services to employees concerned that their human or civil rights have been 
    violated by unions.  Their number is 800-336-3600.]

On Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You ...

"We as individuals have to take care of our children, and the government has to provide us the programs we need in order to do that."

    --Actress Rosie O'Donnell on the meaning of "children's rights" at the Stand 
      for Children rally on the Mall.  Washington Times, June 3, 1996.  Page A9.

On Teen Curfews ...

"What's going to happen to midnight basketball?"

    --Rush Limbaugh, noting President Clinton's support for teen curfews which 
      can start as early as 8pm.  Washington Times, June 3, 1996.  Page A9

On Being Tough on Crime ...

"Doesn't your heart just bleed for these murderers and rapists and other criminals? They are getting their food served lukewarm or cold. The Clinton administration makes a federal case out of it. President Clinton is forcing Maryland taxpayers to defend against this ridiculous constitutional claim."

    --Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, on the Senate floor, concerning the 
      Clinton administration's citation of Maryland for serving "lukewarm or cold" 
      food to their most vicious criminals housed in their Supermax facility.  
      Washington Times, June 7, 1996.  Page A9.

On Kent State, Waco, Ruby Ridge... and Pittsburgh? ...

"We canceled Tuesday's operations to re-evaluate what we could accomplish and not cause further disruption. We concluded there was very little that could be accomplished."

    --Lt. Col. Ken McGraw, the spokesman for the Green Beret unit that conducted 
      training in Pittsburgh.  Nine army helicopters swooped into the city in the 
      middle of the night and conducted exercises complete with the sounds of 
      explosions and gunfire that frightened residents and sent one pregnant woman 
      into labor.  He also clarified that they were not "black" helicopters as 
      militia groups have claimed.  He said they are "olive-green".  Washington Times, 
      June 6, 1996.  Front page.

On White House Policy (1993 - Present) ...

"Documents handed over to a house committee last week under threat of a criminal contempt-of-Congress citation revealed that in December 1993, the White House counsel's office -- then under the direction of Bernard Nussbaum -- wrote the FBI requesting its entire file on ousted Travel Office director Billy R. Dale, who was fired May 19, 1993. ...This is so irregular, from so many different angles, that the White House is going to have a very hard time explaining it away."

    -- Editorial, Washington Times, June 6, 1996. Page A16.

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