Quote(s) of the Week (June 23, 1996)...

On a Close Encounter with Reality...

"I walked up to Pat Schroeder and said, 'If you think these pictures are disgusting, you ought to see it in real life.'"

    --Brenda Pratt Shafer, a registered nurse who is credited with providing the 
      lurid testimony that helped build Congresional support for the Partial Birth 
      Abortion Ban Act, which President Clinton vetoed in April.  Rep. Schroeder, 
      Colorado Democrat, had objected to drawings of partial birth abortions being 
      displayed on the House floor during the hearings.  Washington Times, 
      June 21, 1996.  Page A4.

On Wanting to be Like... Bill?

"As president, I know better than most how tough things are for you now. I feel all your pain, and all the country's pain."

    --Russian President Boris Yeltsin, in his 127-page platform.  Washington Times,
      June 20, 1996.  Page A6.

On Good Faith and Honor...

"The prior system of providing files to the White House relied on good faith and honor. Unfortunately, the FBI and I were victimized."

    --FBI Director Louis Freeh, concerning the Clinton Administration's request 
      and receipt of over 400 confidential files on Republicans.  Washington 
      Times,  June 17, 1996.  Page A20.

On Having Nothing to Hide...

"(Beverly) Bassett (Schaffer) is so [expletive] important. (I)f we [expletive] this up, we're done."

    --Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes in a meeting January 7, 1994 concerning 
      damage control for the Whitewater scandal.  Ms. Schaffer was the Arkansas 
      Securities Commissioner who oversaw the regulation of Madison Guaranty in 
      the mid-1980s.  An RTC criminal referral expressly referenced Ms. Schaffer, 
      and her contact with Mrs. Clinton in connection with Mrs. Clinton's 
      representation of Madison Guaranty.  Washington Times, June 17, 1996.  
      Page A11.

On the New Definition of Christian ...

"Most people in the White House did not know about Hillary's sessions with Houston. ...To some of the few who did, the meetings could trigger politically damaging comparisons to Nancy Reagan's use of astrology."

    --Bob Woordward, in his new book The Choice.  First lady Hillary Rodham 
      Clinton held imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma 
      Gandhi as a therapeutic release but declined a personal adviser's suggestion 
      that she address Jesus Christ, however, because it would be "too personal."  
      Received June 23, 1996, via e-mail on the Promisekeeper listserver;
      originally from the CNN website. 

On the Current State of Education ...

"Your job is . . . not to judge the rightness and wrongness of each student's answer. Let those determinations come from the class . . . "

    --Matthew Robinson of Investor's Business Daily, reporting a new high in 
      education theory: subjective mathematics.  This excerpt is from a guide to 
      teaching mathematics in the state of California.  Received June 20, 1996, 
      via e-mail from the Promiskeeper listserver.

On the Past State of Education ...

"Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being... It's up to you, teachers, to make all of these sick children well by creating the international children of the future."

    --Chester M. Pierce's keynote address to the 1972 Association for Childhood 
      Education International, in an article by John Loeffler on Outcome Based 
      Education.  Received June 20, 1996, via e-mail from the PromiseKeeper 

On Who Exactly Does Own Our Children ...

"Children...are not owned by their parents....the Christian fundamentalists who want the freedom to indoctrinate their children with religious education do not understand [that] the law that prevents them from legally teaching their kids prevents someone else from abusing theirs."

    --Kathy Collins, former legal counsel to the Iowa Department of Education, in 
      an article by John Loeffler on Outcome Based Education.  Received June 20, 
      1996, via e-mail from the PromiseKeeper listserver.

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