Quote(s) of the Week (August 18, 1996)...

On a Sobering Thought...

"Those third party adherents who have announced their intention to dilute the conservative vote, regardless of the consequences, should seriously consider those very consequences. Bill Clinton won election in 1992 with 42% of the electorate because the anti-Clinton vote was split between George Bush and Ross Perot. Should Clinton win again with less than a majority, having voted for a third party out of conscience will be cold comfort to anyone who disagrees with liberal big-government policies."

    --Kim Weissman, in "Congress Action" 8/11/96, received via C-NEWS 
      on 8/14/96.

On Cutting Both Ways...

"Any government that is big enough to give to us everything we want, is big enough to take from us everything we have!"

    --President Gerald R. Ford, speaking to the Republican National Convention 
      in San Diego, CA on Aug. 12, 1996. Received via C-News 8/14/96

On A Catchy Phrase to Remember...

"Americans know that Bill Clinton's promises have the life span of a Big Mac on Air Force One."

    --Rep. Susan Molinari of New York in the Republican National Convention's 
      keynote address on August 13, 1996.  

On a Thought to Ponder and Pass On...

"I've got a simple definition of character: Doing what is right when no one is looking."

    --J.C. Watts, Oklahoma Congressman, in his speech at the Republican National
      Convention on 8/13/96.

On Playing Fair...

"Numerous organizations are engaged in issue-advocacy activities that go beyond what the Christian Coalition has done. For example, the AFL-CIO, which is officially represented on the Democratic National Committee, has embarked on a $35 million campaign to unseat freshman Republican congressmen by criticizing their records. Yet the Christian Coalition has been singled out. Indeed, a disturbing pattern has emerged, as the FEC appears to be targeting only conservative groups such as the Colorado Republican Party, Gopac and the Christian Action Network. Even though the FEC has lost all of these cases, the cost to the citizens' groups is high--both in legal fees and damaged reputation."

    --William P. Barr, in the Wall Street Journal on 8/14/96.  Received via
      "The Political Digest" on 8/14/96.

On Falling Out of Favor...

"In recent years we have watched with dismay the productions of the Disney Corp. abandoning the commitment to strong moral values, and have noticed this moral shift in a number of Disney-sponsored films and events."

    --General Presbytery of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri, 
      explaining who the Pentecostal denomination has called on its 2.5 million 
      members to boycott Disney.   In an Associated Press article by Karen Testa, 
      received via e-mail on the Promise Keeper listserver on August 14, 1996.

On Falling Out of Favor...

"But to the extent the media types sit on that tube at night, mouthing their mantra of Republican 'extremism', they suck the life and vitality out of politics. Those commentators in fact are practicing a brand of anti-politics, since so clearly the implicit message is that the GOP activists should be driven completely out of the process, apparently for the sin of believing in God."

    --An editorial in the Wall Street Journal, as reported in the Washington Times, 
      August 16, 1996.  Page A7.

On the GOP Stand On the United Nations...

"We will insist on an end to waste, mismanagement and fraud at the United Nations. We will ensure American interests are pursued and defended at the United Nations, will not tolerate any international taxation for the organization, nor will we permit any international court to seize, try or punish American citizens."

    --From the 1996 Republican platform.  Washington Times, August 15, 1996.  
      Page A6. The UN has formally criticized the GOP platform.

On Party Unity...

"I think we need to unite in one common purpose for the next 10 weeks, and that is to send Bill and Hillary back to Arkansas."

    --Pat Buchanan.  Washington Times, August 15, 1996.  Page A11.

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