Quote(s) of the Week (August 25, 1996)...

On Finding "No Complications" with RU-486...

"If near death due to the loss of half of one's blood volume, surgery and a transfusion of four units of blood do not qualify as a complication, I don't know what does. This was a lie to the people of Iowa."

    --Dr. Mark Louviere, MD, of Waterloo, Iowa.  His comment concerned one of his 
      patients who almost died after having an RU-486 abortion, having lost between 
      a half and three-quarters of her blood volume. He said he reported the event 
      to Planned Parenthood, which was running the trial in which his patient
      participated. Dr. Louviere added he was stunned to read in the Des Moines 
      Register six months later that according to Planned Parenthoood the RU-486 
      trials conducted in Iowa had "no complications" among the 238 women who 
      participated.  From an article by Diane M. Gianelli in the American Medical 
      News, August 5, 1996.  Received via C-News 8/21/96.

On the Republican Gender Gap Myth...

"Here's a political quiz: Which political party has suffered from a "gender gap" in voting during the last several presidential elections? If you answered "the Republicans," you get an "A" for reading the newspapers and watching the evening news - but you flunk the test. In fact, in three out of the last four elections, it has been the Democrats who have actually been hurt by the gender gap. "

    Linda Chavez, in a column in USA Today on 8/14/96.  Received via C-News 8/14/96.

On the Reagan Deficit Myth...

"The table shows that receipts from individual income taxes rose to $446 billion in fiscal '89, President Reagan's last budget, from $286 billion in fiscal '81, the year Reagan began to slash personal rates. That's a 56% gain. Annualized, tax receipts grew faster than the period's average 4% inflation. The problem was clearly NOT a fall in revenues. It was the other side of the ledger: Spending grew even faster. Look at the 'total outlays' column in the same table. Spending rose to $1.43 trillion in '89 from $678 billion in '81. That's a 69% gain."

    --From Investor's Business Daily,  Aug 12, 1996.  Received via C-News 8/14/96.

On Constitutional Law (and Invisible Ink) ...

"Constitutional law may mandate, like it or not, that customs change with an evolving social order."

    --Judge Stephen Gallagher of Multnomah County Circuit Court in Oregon, 
      commenting on his August 8, 1996 ruling that a public agency must extend to 
      homosexual couples the medical, life and dental insurance benefits that 
      married couples often have. He ruled that Oregon Health Sciences University 
      was discriminating by denying benefits to the domestic partners of three gay 
      employees. Judge Gallagher said Oregon had to provide insurance to the 
      partners of all gay state workers who sought coverage.  From the Dallas 
      Morning News 8/18/96.  Received via C-News 8/21/96.

On School-Based Prophecy...

"I am much afraid that schools will prove to be the great gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth. I advise no one to place his child where the scriptures do not reign paramount. Every institution in which men are not increasingly occupied with the Word of God must become corrupt."

    --Martin Luther (1483-1546), Leader of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, 
      and renowned for translating the Bible into the German language.  Received 
      via C-News 8/21/96.

On the Drug Wars...

"A caller to Limbaugh today that identified himself as a High School teacher asked his students which was more dangerous - marijuana or tobacco. The answer from the students was tobacco - which shows that the propaganda campaign has been successful with the kiddies."

    --From "Interesting Items 8/23" by Alex Gimarc.  Received via C-News 8/23/96 .

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