Quote(s) of the Week (September 08, 1996)...

On School Choice...

"Bill Clinton shouldn't be the only person in public housing who gets to send his kid to private school."

    --Polly Williams, Policy Review, Heritage Foundation, Summer 1994, concerning 
      school choice.  Received via C-NEWS on 9/4/96.

On the Role Model for the War on Drugs...

"On the campaign trail in 1992, Clinton told reporters he had tried marijuana but insisted he "didn't inhale." Later, in an interview on MTV, Clinton was asked whether he would inhale if he had the chance to do it over again. He smirked and said, "Sure, if I could. I tried before." Upon taking over the White House, Clinton promptly slashed the White House Office of Drug Control Policy by 83 percent. He cut the number of drug enforcement agents. He cut training for drug enforcement. He cut drug interdiction. His top health official, the Surgeon General, suggested legalizing drugs. And guess what? On Clinton's watch, drug use among teenagers has skyrocketed. It has more than doubled."

    --Haley Barbour, RNC Chairman, in a 9/3/96 RNC News Release.  Received via 
      C-NEWS on 9/4/96.

On a Profound Example...

"Suppose that, in an isolated valley, there are three men, each working for himself on his own farm. One is very diligent, and when winter arrives, has accumulated a large store of foodstuffs, and has on hand ample feed for his horses, cows and poultry. The others, having taken life easy during the summer, find that long before spring they are short on provisions. If, then, they combine forces, set upon their neighbor, and seize his possessions, both capitalists and collectivists will agree that the two lazy farmers have violated the Eighth Commandment -- in other words, they have stolen the diligent farmer's goods. But suppose, instead, that the two insist upon establishing a democratic government for the valley. They hold a "town meeting," and by vote of two to one adopt a statute requiring that all share equally in the summer's produce. Is this a perfectly legitimate action, falling outside the scope of the Eighth Commandment? If not, just how many persons does it take to establish a government and make the procedure ethical?"

    --Wilford I. King, cited in John R. Richardson, Christian Economics 
      (Houston, TX: Thomas Press, 1966), p. 31, cited in David A. Noebel, 
      Understanding the Times, Unabridged Edition, p. 707.  Received via 
      C-NEWS on 9/2/96.

On Blatant Lies and Media Complicity...

"The debt, which was just ballooning out of control under the previous two administrations, has now been cut by 60 percent."

    --Al Gore, on ABC's "This Week with David Brinkley," 8/25/96.  And nobody 
      called him on it!  According to statistics released in February, 1996 by 
      Clinton's own Office of Management and Budget, the gross federal debt for 
      fiscal year 1992 was $4.002 trillion.  By fiscal year 1995 it had 
      "ballooned" to $4.921 trillion -- an increase of 23 percent.  Received via 
      C-NEWS on 8/27/96.

On Truth vs. Fiction...

"[H]e's vetoed every bill that would actually reduce the size of government. ... [O]ver this past year Bill Clinton has been an obstacle to reform; whatever his misleading rhetoric, that record is written in his vetoes."

    --The Wall Street Journal on 3/20/96.  Taken from the RNC Balance Sheet
      for 3/29/96.

On Family and Government...

"Predictably, Mr. Reeve wants to gloss over the coercion that hides behind every government action. But coercion is what makes government the opposite of a family. For example, a family does not send IRS agents to seize the income of another family member to fund favorite social programs. A family does not fine, arrest, or imprison a family member if he doesn't spend tens of thousands of dollars to make a staircase 'wheelchair friendly.' A family doesn't spend the future earnings of their children and grandchildren and burden them with a $5 trillion debt. But government has done all those things -- and will continue to do them as long as people reflexively turn to government to solve every problem."

    --Harry Browne, Libertarian presidential candidate, in a press release dated
      August 27, 1996.  Received via C-NEWS on 9/5/96.  
      [Editor's Note: Although the Libertarians have sound fiscal ideas, their
      social stands on issues such as abortion, drug legalization and homosexual
      marriages are anathema to Christianity.]


On Hope for the Future?...

"Of those polled, nine teens in 10 say they don't drink or smoke. Seven in 10 say religion is important in their lives. And six in 10 -- boys as well as girls -- don't approve of premarital sex."

    --Dianne Hales, in an article from the August 18, 1996 issue of the Washington 
      Post's Parade Magazine.  The study, conducted by NFO research, Inc.,  included 
      938 young people aged 13 to 17 who are representative of America's adolescent 
      population as a whole.

On Selective Logic...

"Fish are able to feel pain, and therefore to use them for your enjoyment is wrong."

    --Davey Shepherd, representative of People for the Ethical Treatment of 
      Animals (PETA), explaining why his group is trying to get the town of 
      Fishkill, New York to change its name to "Fishsave".  The mayor of  Fishkill 
      assured the AP reporter that the name would not be changed and remarked that 
      "kill" translates to "stream" in Dutch.  Fishkill was founded by Dutch 
      settlers in the late 1600s.  Washington Times, September 7, 1996.  Page A3.  
      [Editor's Note:  I wonder how many PETA members are pro-abortion?]

On How Lost People Can Be...

"Do you think it's dignified to hang from wood with nails through your hands and feet? Had Christ died in my van... it would have been far more dignified."

    -Dr. Jack Kevorkian, as quoted by Michael Fumento in the Washington Time, 
     September 3, 1996.  Page A13.

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