Quote(s) of the Week (November 17, 1996)...

On Sodom & San Francisco...

"The city of San Francisco is pushing the limits of the homosexual agenda to new extremes with two radical proposals. The first would forbid the city from doing business with companies who don't offer employee benefits to the live-in sex partners of employees. The other would permit the city to license 'group-sex clubs.' Homosexual advocates claim that this would make anonymous homosexual orgies 'safer.'"

    --AFA Texas Family Update, 11/6/96.  Received via C-News on 11/13/96.

On Speaking From the Heart...

"We all look forward with great pleasure to four years of wonderful, inspiring speeches, full of wit, poetry, music, love and affection, plus more g*****n nonsense. Bill Clinton...has not a creative bone in his body. Therefore, he's a bore, and will always be a bore."

    --David Brinkley, on the eve of Clinton's re-election, during "This Week 
      with David Brinkley".

On Why Character Matters...

"The CIA and Congress have launched investigations into what appears to have been a stunning intelligence coup by China. In a four year operation, Chinese agents were able to take advantage of lax security procedures and a pattern of corruption in the Clinton administration to get routine access for their friends and associates to the highest levels of the administration, including the Oval Office."

    --The London Times, on Sunday, November 10, answering the question 
      about why the character of the president matters.  From Congress 
      Action - 11/17/96.  Received via C-NEWS on 11/16/96.

On Being Too Good for Government Work...

"Helen Sanwell, a King County parks manager who worked overtime without pay, has been suspended for six days for insubordination, beginning Wednesday. Officials said she'd been warned about overtime work, which they say violates federal law."

    --USA Today, November 4, 1996.  Outrage duJour for 11/16/96.

On a Very Dangerous Man...

"You would be surprised at how much of my message black people subscribe to. I have had over 2,000 Christian pastors sitting at this table over the last three or four years. As God is my witness, when we left there was an embrace. There were even tears. Even Christians who looked at themselves as prophets came and kissed my hand and pulled at the hem of my coat, saying If we could just touch the hem of his garment.... You don't see that. But when they get before the public, they are so frightened by what Jewish people and financial contributors will think that they won't tell you how they really feel about Louis Farrakhan."

    --Louis Farrakhan, from an Interview in the October issue of "George".  
      From the Washington Times on 11/14/96, page A2.

On Simple Observations...

"Most problems don't exist until a government agency is created to solve them."

    --Kirk Kirkpatrick, in Quote.  Reader's Digest for November 1996, page 134.

On a Man Who Dreams to Be Judged by the Content of His Character...

"In 1983 Freddy Hernandez, a Hispanic who serves in the Miami Fire Department, rejected an affirmative-action promotion to captain. Instead, he worked for three years until he qualified for the promotion under normal procedures. This decision cost Hernandez a $4500 pay increase and forced him to study more than 900 additional hours to attain the required test results. But as he proudly stated, "I knew I could make it on my own." Hernandez wants to be judged on his merits, without regard to his ethnic background."

    --Terry Eastland, from "Ending Affirmative Action".  Reader's Digest for 
      November 1996, page 101.

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