Quote(s) of the Week (December 29, 1996)...

On Off-Duty Conduct ...

"Employees acting in an official capacity will not directly or indirectly authorize, permit or participate in discrimination based on age, gender, ethnic origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation against anyone, whether or not they are employees. Because we are a law enforcement agency, off-duty conduct that demonstrates an inability to be fair, objective and unbiased in dealings with others will not be tolerated."

    --The discrimination clause in a five-page code of conduct signed in 
      November by Kenneth J. Hunter, chief of the U.S. Postal Inspection 
      Service.  Washington Times on 12/31/96, front page.

On Off-Duty Conduct II...

"Is this constitutional? I'm really surprised, to say the least. Personally, I'm opposed to anything that links homosexuality with age, gender and ethnic origin. Personally, I feel homosexuality is a sin, just like cheating on your wife. I'm not going to sign it."

    --A postal inspector in Washington, regarding the new code of conduct for 
      postal inspectors.  Another worker said the code could prevent him from 
      opposing a homosexual pastor at his local church or speaking out against 
      same-sex "marriage."  Washington Times on 12/31/96, front page.

On Equal Treatment Under the Law...

"This is outright, flagrant, blatant racial discrimination. It favors one race over another and grants benefits to one race that are denied to another simply because of race."

    --Frank T. Keliher, a Social Security Administration worker who has accused 
      that agency of reverse discrimination because he has been prohibited from 
      organizing a white-affairs advisory council to mirror a black council 
      afforded special rights.  At issue is the opportunity for quarterly meetings 
      with the agency Commissioner to talk about issues that concern group members.  
      Washington Times on 12/27/96, front page.

On Those High Presidential Expectations...

"We've seen now a series of things that suggest that some people brought friends or associates here with them to the White House for purposes that might not be consistent with what the president would expect of those who are guests at the White House."

    --White House press secretary Michael McCurry, concerning donors being 
      granted extraordinary access to the president, including Oval Office photo 
      sessions and small coffees with Clinton.  In some cases donors brought 
      business associates to the private sessions, including foreign businessmen 
      not entitled to vote or make political contributions here.  Washington Post 
      on 12/29/96, front page.

On the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come...

"God will hold you to account, Mr. President."

    --Rev. Rob Shenck, to President Clinton during a Christmas Eve church 
      service at the Washington National Cathedral, referring to the president's 
      veto of a ban on partial-birth abortion.  After the service, Rev. Shenck was 
      detained by Secret Service agents who accused him of "threatening the 
      President's life."  No charges were filed.  Washington Times on 12/27/96, 
      page A5.

On Being So Ludicrous It's Funny...

"In her Wednesday commentary-page column, Linda Bowles stated that President Clinton and his former campaign adviser Dick Morris both were 'guilty of callous unfaithfulness to their wives and children.' Neither man has admitted to being or been proven to have been unfaithful. The Tribune regrets the error."

    --A remarkable "correction" issued by the Chicago Tribune on September 5th.  
      This is in a commentary by L. Brent Bozell III, chairman of the Media 
      Research Center, concerning quotes of note for the past year.  Washington 
      Times on 12/27/96, page A17.

On Representing the Children's Interests...

"People: The murderer, me, my friend Romez and Aaron the hostage. Setting: At my houce with Romez and my dad and mom. Missing: Aaron and his mom and dad. The murderer has Aaron as hostage. Romez and I have found the murderer but the murderer has a knife and machine gun held to Aaron's head. He wants to kill Aaron, me and Romez but he diden't think of killing Aaron with the knife and us with the machine gun but he was to stoped to doo that. Solved it: Romez and I found out that the murderer was my dad."

    --Justin Simpson, 8-year-old son of O.J. Simpson, in a fictional murder 
      mystery for a school assignment, included here with the original 
      misspellings.  In her ruling awarding Simpson custody of the children, 
      Judge Nancy Wieben Stock wrote that the children "show no signs of fear 
      or intimidation around their father."  Washington Times on 12/24/96, 
      front page.
      [Editor's Note: And why is our educational system having our 8-year-olds,
      especially that 8-year-old, write fictional murder mysteries for school

On Accepting Responsibility for One's Actions...

"In my name and over my signature, inaccurate, incomplete and unreliable statements were given to the committee, but I did not intend to mislead."

    --Newt Gingrich, concerning current ethics charges against him.  Washington 
      Times on 12/22/96, front page.
      [Editor's Note:  All elected officials should be held to the highest ethical 
      standard.  If Gingrich made an unintentional paperwork error with the tax 
      code red tape then he should be reprimanded and the issue dropped.  If he 
      violated ethics rules by intentionally hiding this error and providing 
      misleading information, then he should step down as Speaker as an example 
      for others in this town.  However, I find it mind-boggling that the Clintons 
      intentionally deceive for their personal gain repeatedly, and deny it all 
      with the most ludicrous excuses, and the world doesn't care -- he even gets 
      reelected.  Perspective has been completely lost on the situation.]

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