Quote(s) of the Week (January 05, 1997)...

On Equal Treatment Under Law...

"One thing missing in the discussion of the Clinton Legal Defense Fund and the return of over $600,000 in questionable contributions by the Trustees is the tax status of the contributions. [The Clintons] have managed to so corrupt the IRS that the money given to the Fund, to pay their debts, is not reported as income by them. If you or I were to get $600,000 donated from elsewhere, we would be required to pay taxes on it. [The Clintons], being powerful liberals and democrats, are not so constrained by the silly little technicalities of the tax law."

    --Alex Gimarc, in Interesting Items 12/21.  Received via C-News on 1/2/97.

On Living by Principle...

"The Holy Father himself said no one can be a Catholic and pro-abortion at the same time. As far as I am concerned, Sen. Dodd was acting as an impostor and trying to buy the churches approval with money."

    --Father George H. Parker of St. Josephs Catholic School in North 
      Grosvenordale, CT.  Father Parker returned $5,000 donated by Sen. Dodd even 
      though the school was on the verge of bankruptcy.  The school has received 
      nearly $60,000 in pro-life donations since the story got out.  From the 
      12/23/96 issue of Citizen magazine from Focus on the Family.

On Stating a Truism...

"We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life -- the unborn -- without diminishing the value of all human life... there is no cause more important."

    --Ronald Reagan, as quoted in the 1/3/97 issue of  Washington Watch from 
      the Family Research Council.

On A Tribute to Bryant Gumbel...

[Editor's Note: Mr. Gumbel is leaving NBC's Today Show after 15 years of being the 
Democratic National Committee's unofficial media spokesman.  In celebration of this 
event we decided to replay some of his more characteristic quotes.]

"You write that you prayed more during your four years in office than basically at any time in your life, and yet I think it's fair to say -- and I hope this doesn't sound too harsh -- I think it's fair to say you are consistently viewed as one of the more ineffective presidents of modern times... What do you think, if anything, that says about the power of prayer."

    --Bryant Gumbel, in a 12/18/96 interview with former President Jimmy Carter.  
      Washington Times on 1/3/97, page A7.
      [Editor's Note: Much to his credit, Mr. Carter kept his composure.  Had it 
      been me, there may have been jail time involved.]

"You called Gingrich and his ilk, your words, 'trickle-down terrorists who base their agenda on division, exclusion and fear.' Do you think middle-class Americans are in need of protection from that group?"

    --Bryant Gumbel, in an interview with soon-to-be House minority leader Dick 
      Gephardt.  From and editorial in the Washington Times on 1/3/97, page A18.  
      A better question, according to the editorial, would have been, "Where do 
      you get off talking about the politics of 'exclusion, division, and fear' 
      when you are in the habit of labeling your political opponents 'terrorists?'"

"I don't know if I have a liberal bent. But it is fair to say it's very difficult for a black man in this country to be of a conservative bent. That's a fair statement. It's very difficult to be an African-American male, and have an African-American son who is going to be 18 years of age, and hear things like cops want to crack down and send more to prison, to hear calls for tougher statutes, less welfare, less programs for the poor and less things for people of color. If that says I'm not a conservative then so be it."

    --Bryant Gumbel as quoted by Greg Pierce for the Washington Times' Inside 
      Politics on 1/3/97, page A6.

      [Editor's Note:  We're very sorry that Mr. Gumbel feels his son will turn 
      out to be a law-breaking, poor person who is dependent upon welfare and 
      handouts.  We conservatives have a bit more faith in people than that.  
      Maybe his son could use Clarence Thomas as a role model.  Or maybe Thomas 
      Sowell, J.C. Watts, Joseph Perkins, ...]


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