Quote(s) of the Week (January 12, 1997)...

On Multicultural Parade...

"A diversity of perspectives in our workforce is essential for accomplishing the Agency's mission of protecting the environment for all communities. In spite of the EPA's streamlining and reinvention efforts, I remain firmly committed to promoting civil rights in all aspects of EPA's activities. The Office of Civil Rights has formed the National Civil Rights Work Group (NCRWG) to advise the Agency on employment-related issues affecting people of color, women, and other underrepresented groups. . . .

"Members of the NCRWG include leaders of the Agency's National Human Resources Council; EPA Hispanic Advisory Council, Asian and Pacific American Community, Blacks in Government, American Indian Advisory Council, and Federal Women's Program Advisory Councils; Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Employees (GLOBE); Minority Bar Association; National Women in Science and Engineering (WISE); People with Disabilities Program; Ethnic Community Forum; National Secretarial and Administrative Advisory Council (NSAAC); National President of the American Federation of Government Employees, Local 250; EBO Officers; and National Special Emphasis Program Managers."

    --EPA Commissioner Carol M. Browner, from an EPA internal memo.  
      Outrage du Jour for 1/7/97.


On National Security...

"For four years, this administration has mismanaged, misled, and misconstrued our security and our foreign policy. So far it has not led to a calamity. But everyone who is sophisticated knows that on virtually every front we are fraying at the edges. We're fraying at the edges with our allies, who wonder what we'll do next and whom they can believe. We are fraying at the edges domestically in holding us together with an administration which systematically fails to consult the Congress and systematically fails to inform us."

    --Newt Gingrich, in an address to the Center for Security Policy last 
      September.  From an article by Frank Gaffney, director of the CSP, in 
      the Washington Times on 1/6/97, page A12.

On Clinton's Future...

"Republicans would hate to face Mr. Clinton's indictment or impeachment. They would much prefer him to twist in the wind as the scandals accumulate for the next four years, and then run against a Democratic Party stinking from Clintonism. They might not be so lucky."

    --Jeffrey Hart, in an article in the Washington Times on 1/6/97, page A13.

On Our Court System...

"Day by day, case by case, [the court] is busy designing a Constitution for a country I do not recognize."

    --Justice Antonin Scalia, concerning the moral decisions that have recently 
      been usurped by the court system and removed from democratic control.  
      From an article by William Armstrong in the Washington Times on 1/7/96, 
      page A16.

On the Toughest Job in Washington...

"I believe that summary -- that -- it provides -- I mean, that's the material -- it supports the material that -- I mean, it explains and describes the material that is attached to it. Sure. It's a summary. I believe it's a summary of the material that is attached to it."

    --Press Secretary Michael McCurry, in response to a question about the 
      accuracy of the scenario laid out in the 2 1/2 page summary of the 
      331-page, taxpayer-funded report which asserts that the news media is 
      involved in a conspiracy against the Clinton administration.  Washington 
      Times on 1/10/97, front page.

On Education...

"According to the official complaint filed in the U.S. District Court, fourth-graders on an overnight school outing were taken to a children's cemetary at night and told to lie down on the graves to see if they fit, as well as other cemetary activities. ...The lawsuit in New York charges that there were assignments to write poems on the theme 'How God Messed Up' and a whole curriculum on New Age Occultism, as well as many other anti-religious, anti-patriotic, and other counter-cultural assignments."

    --Thomas Sowell, in a commentary concernig a lawsuit filed by parents 
      against the Bedford Central School District in New York state.  
      Washington Times on 1/5/97, page B1.

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