Quote(s) of the Week (January 26, 1997)...

On How Far We've Fallen...

"That a dead baby should lead to the question, 'Why didn't they get it aborted?' strikes me as both inhumane and it says a lot about the abortion culture."

    --John Podhoretz, Deputy Editor of the Weekly Standard, lamenting the fact 
      that both Time and Newsweek questioned why a pair of affluent teenagers who 
      allegedly threw their newborn son in a dumpster didn't instead visit an 
      abortion clinic.  From CNN's Reliable Sources, December 1, 1996.  As quoted 
      in Focus on the Family's Citizen magazine on 1/20/97, page 8.

On Being Succinct...

"Washington is a city of people doing badly what shouldn't be done at all."

    --William Bennett, as quoted in U.S. News & World Report on 1/13/97, 
      page 68.

On Insulting Our Intelligence...

"How can a person who has nominated over 200 pro-abortion federal judges, lifted the ban on fetal-tissue research, allowed federal racketeering laws to be used against abortion protesters and vetoed the ban on partial-birth abortions, claim to be against late-term abortions?"

    --Dick Bott, a leading Christian radio executive and president of Bott 
      Communications, in an editorial disclaimer that aired repeatedly in the 
      final weeks before the 1996 presidential campaign.  This was in response 
      to his network, and other Christian networks, being forced under federal 
      mandate to air the Clinton campaign ads declaring that Clinton supports 
      a "complete ban on late-term abortions" and that "Christian radio listeners 
      deserve the truth -- President Clinton shares our values."  Bott gave the 
      ad revenue to pro-life and crisis-pregnancy groups. From Focus on the 
      Family's Citizen magazine on 1/20/97, page 14.

On Marriage Myths...

"The idea that half of American marriages are doomed is one of the most specious pieces of statistical nonsense ever perpetuated in modern times."

   --Louis Harris, pollster, from Leadership, Summer 1996.  He went on to explain 
     that someone at the Census Bureau noticed that during one year there were 
     2.4 million marriages and 1.2 million divorces.  Without taking into account 
     the 54 million marriages already in existence, they executed the simple 
     division of 1.2 million into 2.4 million and a myth was born.  
     From Discipleship Journal, Nov/Dec 1996, page 16.

On Biblical Purpose...

"To preach the Bible as 'the handbook for life,' or as the answer to every question, rather than as the revelation of Christ, is to turn the Bible into an entirely different book. This is how the Pharisees approached Scripture, as we can see clearly from the questions they asked Jesus. For the Pharisees, the Scriptures were a source of trivia for life's dilemmas. To be sure, Scripture provides God-centered and divinely revealed wisdom for life, but if this were its primary objective, Christianity would be a religion of self-improvement by following examples and exhortations, not a religion of the Cross."

    --Michael Horton, in Modern Reformation, May/June 1996. From Discipleship 
      Journal, Nov/Dec 1996, page 16.

On Right to Lie...

"I am opposed to abortion and to government funding of abortions."
    --Bill Clinton, September 26, 1986 letter to Arkansas Right to Life.
"I have always believed that the decision to have an abortion generally should 
be between a woman, her doctor, her conscience, and her God."
    --Clinton's veto message on the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, 
      April 11, 1996.
    --(Flip-flop courtesy of Human Events, January 24, 1997.  Outrage duJour 
      for 2/1/97.)

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