Quote(s) of the Week (February 02, 1997)...

On the Crime Formerly Known as Homicide...

"Contrary to law, some three-fifths of all Dutch cases of euthanasia go unreported.... 1 in 5 of the unreported cases involved the most vexing kind of euthanasia, death without a patient's consent."

    --Joseph P. Shapiro, commenting on the practice of euthanasia in the 
      Netherlands.  U.S. News & World Report on 1/13/97, pages 26 & 27.  
      Also noted in National Review on 1/27/97, pages 11 & 12.

On Law and Justice...

"The law is a crude machine at best, and only spits out something approaching justice if its attendants are committed to justice. As lawyering has become less about doing right and more about doing what you can get away with, our standards of acceptable shenanigans-as-usual seem to be in a free fall."

    --The Wall Street Journal, as quoted in Reader's Digest on 2/97, page 38.

On Being a Qualified Candidate...

"I'm the only candidate running who won't have to be mayor to perform same-sex marriages. Win or lose, you can come to me."

    --Rev. Al Sharpton, aspirant for the Democratic nomination for mayor of 
      New York.  From the Washington Times on 1/30/97, page A5.

On Equal Treatment under Law...

"Where have I heard that 'mistakes were made'? Where have I heard that? Last time I heard somebody say that, it cost them $300,000."

    --Rush Limbaugh, as conveyed by Hotline, drawing an analogy between the 
      Clinton campaign fund-raising scandals and the ethics penalty of House 
      Speaker Newt Gingrich.  Washington Times on 1/31/97, page A5.

On Your Tax Dollars at Work...

"We're excited about the links we've found for your benefit and hope that you find them informative and entertaining. You'll find them categorized."

    --The Department of Energy GLOBE (Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Employees)  
      World Wide Web page.  The Energy Department's "Queer Resources Directory"
      contains 18,506 files about "everything queer."  Files on the DOE home page 
      include "Queers and Their Families," "Queer Youth," "Queers and Religion,"
      "Queer Culture, History and Origins," "Worldwide Queer Info: From Australia 
      to Zimbabwe, We Are Everywhere."  Also available is "I think I Am Gay 
      Brochure," "Read This Before Coming Out To Your Parents," "Young Gay 
      Photographers," "Yahoo's Gay Youth Index," and "The Cool Web Page for Queer 
      Babes & Dudes."  Washington Times on 1/31/97, page A7.

On Proper Representation...

"I have decided that the unborn child requires representation."

    --Superior Court Judge Leonard Arnold, concerning the five-month fetus of 
      Sonya Jackson.  Jackson is being held in the Somerset County, New Jersey, 
      jail on drug charges.  She had asked for bail reduction to enable her to 
      obtain an abortion.  Washington Times on 1/31/97, page A6.

On Priorities...

"Everything in this fallen world is dying. The only person who will be able to renew it and give eternal life to it is Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to be salt and to retard the downward process. Not so we can buy a second car or have more money than our parents did, but because God is not willing that any should perish, but all should come to a knowledge of His Son. If we keep that priority correct, God will honor that."

    --Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist, in an interview with Dick Foth.  
      From Pentecostal Evangel on 11/3/96, page 4.

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