Quote(s) of the Week (March 02, 1997)...

On Sticking in Your Mind...

"Any child with a computer and a modem can access pornography that their parents have never been exposed to, and once they've seen it, it can never be erased from their minds."

    --Dee Jepsen, president of Enough is Enough, an organization which 
      filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the Supreme Court.  At issue 
      is a current challenge to the Communications Decency Act, set to be 
      heard by the high court on March 19th.  Washington Times, 3/5/97.  
      Page A2.

On Walking Like A Duck and Talking Like A Duck...

"The media, which has historically served as a check on society, is now looked upon as part of the establishment."

    --Jonathan C. Klein, executive vice president of CBS News.  
      Parade Magazine, 3/2/97.  Page 6.

On the Pinocchio Syndrome...

"There are not people working at the White House as volunteers who are getting paid by someone else."

    --Patsy Thomasson, then director of White House administration, in 
      testimony before a House Appropriations subcommittee in March 1994.  
      Even as she was testifying, 11 DNC-paid volunteers were working at 
      the White House.  Washington Times, 3/2/97.  Page A4.

On Getting the Message...

"I urge incredible restraint here, to focus on your message and stick to it, because otherwise, we'll get creamed. If the debate is whether the fetus feels pain, we lose. If the debate in the public arena is what's the effect of anesthesia, we'll lose. If the debate is whether or not women ought to be entitled to late abortion, we probably will lose. But if the debate is on the circumstances of individual women... and the government shouldn't be making those decisions, then I think we can win these fights."

    --Kathryn Kohlbert, vice president of the New York-based Center for 
      Reproductive Law and Policy, at a National Abortion Federation meeting 
      in San Francisco last year.  Washington Times, 2/28/97.  Page A22.

On Clear Vision...

"Our legal system suffers from a pair of diseases, to seemingly opposite blindnesses. It thinks too well of its regulatory capacity, and too poorly of its capacity for moral leadership. It takes too exalted a view of of the ability of smart people to order the world to their liking, and too dim a view of the extent and importance of sin."

    --William J. Stuntz, a visiting professor at Yale Law School, writing for 
      the February issue of First Things.  Washington Times, 2/28/97.  Page A2.

On the Meaning of Diversity...

"When there are black leftist professors, female leftist professors and Hispanic leftist professors, then you have 'diversity,' as that term is used in academia."

    --Thomas Sowell, nationally syndicated columnist.  
      Washington Times, 2/26/97.  Page A14.

On Vacancies at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

"Ready to start overnights right away. Give me the top 10 list back, along w/ the 100, 50,000 [donors]."

    --President Bill Clinton, in his own handwriting in notations on a memo 
      from then DNC finance chairman Terence McCauliffe.  The memo requested 
      a presidential aide to set aside some of the president's time for 
      breakfasts, lunches or coffees with about 20 'major supporters'.  
      Mr. McCauliffe had not even suggested overnight stays in the memo.  
      Washington Times, 2/27/97.  Page A16.

On Admitting the Truth...

"Abortion-rights folks know it, the anti-abortion folks know it, and so, probably, does everyone else."

    --Ron Fitzsimmons, executive director of National Coalition of Abortion 
      Providers, an organization which oversees 200 abortion clinics nationwide, 
      in an interview with the AMA News, concerning the fairly common use of 
      partial-birth abortion.  Even when pro-choice groups were telling the 
      media that at most, 500 partial-birth abortions were being performed 
      nationwide each year, the Bergen N.J. Record reported in September that 
      there were 1,500 such abortions at one northern New Jersey clinic alone.  
      He admitted that he had 'lied through his teeth' during a 1995 appearance 
      on ABC's "Nightline" about the controversial procedure.  Washington Times, 
      2/27/97.  Front page.

On Opening the Flood Gates...

"Assistant Attorney General Colgate's disclosure confirms our worst fears: that in its unprecedented push to rush through a million new citizens - potential voters all - the INS may have allowed dangerous criminals onto our streets, all the while denying it was doing exactly that."

    --Rep. Dennis Hastert, Illinois Republican, cconcerning the Justice 
      Department's investigation of the Immigration and Naturalization Service 
      initiative known as Citizenship USA.  Washington Times, 2/25/97.  Page A4.

On Where is the Outrage?...

"...Perhaps we have become anesthetized to the significance of the president shooting the breeze over coffee at the White House with a Chinese arms dealer, a Russian mobster, and a Florida drug runner."

    --Arianna Huffington, nationally syndicated columnist, in an article 
      concerning the lack of outrage expressed by the American public at 
      the abundance of scandalous conduct by the president and his 
      administration.  Washington Times, 2/24/97.  Page A14.

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