Quote(s) of the Week (March 23, 1997)

On Media Liberalism...

"The fact that conservatives are dominating talk radio and the op-ed pages of most papers should send a signal to the so-called mainstream media: Americans are sick and tired of liberalism. It is significant that radio networks such as NPR and Pacifica have survived only through receiving millions of dollars in federal subsidies. Conservatives don’t need federal handouts. They can survive and prosper in the marketplace on their own."

--Cliff Kincaid, writing in the Jan. 24 issue of Human Events. Washington Times for March 18, 1997. Page A2.


On a Healthy Society...

"There is a direct correlation between a country’s financial health and the attitudes and habits of its people. When people are disciplined, work hard, and save, their society flourishes. When people are self-indulgent and expect (make that demand) others to take care of them, the society goes rapidly down hill."

--Item in Remnant Review. Washington Times for March 17, 1997. Page A2.


If Only Fetuses Had Such Support...

"I wasn’t being cruel to them. The life they lived was actually a good life."

--Ari Hoffman, the high school student whose award-winning experiment on fruit fly reproduction was dropped from the Bay Area Science Fair because officials deemed it as cruel to animals. Washington Times for March 22, 1997. Front page.

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