Quote(s) of the Week (April 06, 1997)

Sounds Like Some Adults We Know...

"When children don’t have the desire to work, they believe that others who do work owe them everything. They will rob and steal to get what they truly believe should be theirs by any means other than work. Many of these children will use any excuse to avoid work. Some will even accuse others who stress the value of work as mean, prejudiced and unfair."

--Elder McCants, writing in the March 17 issue of Christian News. Washington Times for April 4, 1997. Page A2.


Yes, It Is Different...

"It’s a good way to get rid of a few nuts…. They did it peacefully. At least they didn’t go in like those SOBs who [go into] a McDonald’s or the post office and shoot a lot of innocent people, and then shoot themselves. At least they just did it to themselves…. There are too many people anyway. We’ve got too many nuts running around anyway, right? … That comet does look good…. I’ve been looking at it. I would kinda like to go up there myself. I mean, is that much different from other religions that say you’re going to heaven?"

--Ted Turner, commenting on the 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult who committed mass suicide at Rancho Santa Fe, California. In a commentary by Pat Buchanan. Washington Times for April 2, 1997. Page A15.


On Simple Truths...

"A democratic government is only as strong as the alert conscience of its people."

--Charles W. Tobey, The Return to Morality (Doubleday). Reader’s Digest for December 1996, page 191.


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