Quote(s) of the Week (April 13, 1997)

On Simple Truths...

"Treat a person as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat him as he could be, and he will become what he should be."

--Jimmy Johnson, quoted by Jarret Bell in USA Today. Reader’s Digest for January 1997, page 161.


On Priestly Inhibitions...

"Albert is a homosexual living in a committed relationship. He has been honest and forthcoming about his sexuality throughout his discernment process at St. John’s and in the dioscese. It has not been seen as an issue inhibiting his priesthood."

--The Rev. Margaret M. Graham, concerning the ordination of Albert Scariato, a practicing homosexual, as a priest at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Georgetown. Washington Times for April 13, 1997. Page A5.


Time To Read Matthew 28:18-20...

"When we have examined the evidence, it will seem at the very least highly unlikely that Jesus, a Galilean exorcist executed in circa the year 30, probably for sedition, had any ambitions to found a world religion."

--A. N. Wilson, in "Paul: The Mind of the Apostle." Washington Times for April 13, 1997. Page B6.


On a Godly Education...

"It is not true that if you omit God from education you thereby teach the child nothing about God. On the contrary, you teach him that God is to be omitted."

--Sir Walter Moberly, a former vice chancellor of Oxford University, quoted in a letter to the editor by Geoffrey Shaw, president of Americans for School Freedom. Washington Times for April 12, 1997. Page C2.

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