Quote(s) of the Week (May 18, 1997)

On Threatened Liberties...

"Today the primary threat to the liberties of the American people comes not from communism, foreign tyrants or dictators. It comes from the tendency on our own shores to centralize power, to trust bureaucracies rather than people."

--Virginia Governor George Allen, from a speech. Reader’s Digest from August 1996, page 148.


On Government Parenting...

"In the most impeccable nuclear families, parents have allowed themselves to be convinced that, just as the sun will rise in the east, their children will engage in risky or immoral behavior and that their job as parents is merely to minimize the inevitable consequences. We can ask government not to ride roughshod over the authority of parents, and we can even work to end programs that encourage people of all ages to misbehave. But for parents who are cowed by their own children, new government programs are not the answer to what is, at heart, a crisis of self-confidence."

--Elizabeth Kristol, writing in a review of "The Way We Really Are: Coming To Terms With America’s Changing Families," by Stephanie Coontz, and "The Assault on Parenthood: How Our Culture Undermines the Family," by Dana Mack, in the May issue of Commentary. Washington Times for May 13, 1997. Page A2.


On Perspectives of Christ...

"Today, when you think of a Christian, what do you picture? Do you see a humble, selfless person, compassionately dedicated to serving the less fortunate? Or do you see a right-wing zealot, someone dedicated to denying civil rights to gays, welfare payments to needy mothers and reproductive choices to women?"

--Alan L. Light of Iowa City, Iowa in a letter to the editor. Washington Times for May 4, 1997. Page B2.


On an Appropriate Response...

"If American people believe that, as Mr. Light puts it, Christianity is about providing 'civil rights to gays, welfare payments to needy mothers and reproductive choices to women,’ what is this world coming to? Since when has it been considered a Christian act to let mothers kill their children before they have even seen the light of day? And is it considered Christian to engage in sexual activity with those of the same sex?"

--Erin K. Glenney of Wellsville, New York in a letter to the editor in reply to the May 4th letter from Alan L. Light. Washington Times for May 14, 1997. Page A14.

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