Quote(s) of the Week (June 15, 1997)

Why Am I Not Surprised?

"We have found that agencies have little, if any idea of how their regulations affect the American people."

--Rep. Thomas Bliley, Chairman, House Commerce Committee, 105th Congress, 1st Session. Washington Times for June 10, 1997. Page A14.


On A Fitting Memorial...

"We should note that under FDR the income tax became, for the first time, a tax on the masses. Before the war, few people paid or even filed. But the power accumulated by Roosevelt required big bucks that only a broad income tax could produce. The man of the masses thus became the tax man of the masses. We’ve suffered under the IRS ever since. Perhaps the most fitting monument of all would be a 1040 tax form ringed by thorns."

--Sheldon Richman, writing in "FDR: A Fitting Memorial?" in the May 30 issue of Christian News. Washington Times from June 11, 1997. Page A2.


On the MTV Legacy...

"I’d rather go to hell and do what I want than go to heaven and do what others say."

--A pale boy at the HFStival wearing smeared red and black eyeliner with deep scars along the insides of both arms. Please read the full article. Washington Post for June 15, 1997. Page C1, C6.


On Constitutional Limits...

"Today the federal courts arbitrarily redefine and expand federal power, while chipping away the traditionally reserved powers of the states, towns and local school boards. Mr. Fletcher may call the result ‘democracy.’ But the Founders would have recognized it as ‘consolidated government,’ with a conveniently malleable Constitution not as its limiting law, but as one of the instruments of its uncontrolled power."

--Joseph Sobran, nationally syndicated columnist. Washington Times for June 14, 1997. Page D1.

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