Quote(s) of the Week (July 20, 1997)

On Ways of Life...

"There are two philosophies of life. The world’s philosophy is you party first and then have the hangover. The Christian philosophy is fast first, and then you have the feast."

--Rev. Thomas G. Morrow, in a sermon at St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church in D.C., concerning credit and tithing. Washington Times for July 14, 1997. Page A2.

On the Definition of Espionage...

"[John Huang] had at least 37 briefings by the CIA, and he saw a number of documents [about] which they can’t even tell us. Shortly after he saw those, he went to an outside office and made faxes and made telephone calls and visited the Chinese Embassy, with all the earmarks of a disclosure of highly sensitive governmental information, which is espionage. And it carries a life sentence, and in some cases it could carry the death penalty."

--Sen. Arlen Specter concerning the severity of the charges against Huang and the Democrats in the current campaign finance scandal. Washington Times for July 13, 1997. Page B1.

On Beliefs...

"When men stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing. They believe in anything."

--Chesterton, as noted in an article by columnist Richard Grenier. The article was concerning the movie "Contact" and its atheistic theme. Washington Times for July 18, 1997. Page A21.

On Contact with Atheism...

"Each of us will eventually be confronted with the undeniable fact that God exists. Some will know this by His eternal presence, others by His eternal absence."

--Jim Trettel, after seeing the movie "Contact" which was based on a book by noted atheist Carl Sagan. The movie’s theme is that any reasonable person knows that we’re not alone in the universe and that God does not exist; anyone who claims to believe in God is either insincere or a fanatic terrorist. July 19, 1997.

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