Quote(s) of the Week (August 3, 1997)

On Finally Hearing the Music...

"After the mice ran through a maze in about 10 minutes, Merrell played classical music to one group and heavy metal to another for 10 hours a day. After three weeks, the mice exposed to classical music made it through the maze in a minute and a half. The rock-music group took 30 minutes. Merrell added he ‘had to cut my project short because all the hard-rock mice killed each other. None of the classical mice did that.’"
--An article in the Prince William Journal concerning Suffolk, VA high school student David Merrell’s science fair experiment, which finished first in regional and state competition. Front page of the 8/3/97 edition.

On Constitutional Protection...

"The oddest thing about America is that pornography is nowadays deemed to be protected by the Constitution – while those who wrote and ratified the Constitution regarded pornography as so loathsome that it was unnecessary to forbid it."

--Roger Scruton, writing in "Very Safe Sex," in the July 28th issue of National Review.

On Governmental Protection...

"The levee had been identified as needing fortification since 1990, reports Angela Antonelli in The Weekly Standard. The Army Corps of Engineers was explicit: ‘Loss of life is expected without remedial repair.’ However, the elderberry bushes sometimes sheltered the threatened North Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle, forcing the town to spend six years on mitigation studies required by the Endangered Species Act."

--Paul Akers, an editorial writer for the Scripps Howard News Service, concerning the levee break in the town of Arboga, CA which flooded the town, killing three people and forcing others to flee for their lives. The 37 elderberry bushes were also destroyed. Washington Times for 7/29/97. Page A14.

On Capital Gains...

"If I bought a home for $100,000 10 years ago and now sell it for $150,000, the Internal Revenue Service taxes the full $50,000 ‘profit.’ But what if all of that gain in price is due solely to inflation? That means it would cost me $150,000 in current dollars to buy a home of similar value. But after I pay my capital gains taxes, I have lost on my investment in real dollars. Now I cannot even replace the value of my home."

--Josette Shiner, managing editor of the Washington Times, explaining why capital gains needs to be indexed against inflation. From an editorial in the Washington Times on 8/2/97. Page A12.

On the Latest Minority Group...

"Trees and rocks have rights to their own freedom, to go their own way untrammeled and unfettered by man."

--Michael McCloskey, chairman of the Sierra Club, in an article by nationally syndicated columnist John Leo concerning all the new "rights" that are being claimed in every corner of society. Washington Times for 8/2/97. Page A10.

On A Good Laugh...

"The President believes in the divine power of prayer."

--White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry, answering questions during a press conference about why Clinton was meeting with former Governor William Weld. Weld is lobbying for the appointment as Ambassador to Mexico, but his confirmation would be nearly impossible to get through Congress. The comment was made with a smirk and the press pool erupted with laughter. From NBC Today Show footage on 7/31/97.

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