Quote(s) of the Week (October 19, 1997)

Dilbert on Responsibility...

Ted: "I’m taking orders for ‘Camp Girl Cookies’ on behalf of my daughter."

Ted: "How many dozen can I guilt you into buying."

Dilbert: "I’ve always wondered, Ted, why do they sell cookies? Is it just for the money?"

Ted: "No, it’s to help them build character by earning their own money."

Dilbert: "Oh, so your daughter is doing some selling from door-to-door?"

Ted: "No, too dangerous. My wife and I are doing all the selling at work."

Dilbert: "Well, then aren’t you only teaching your daughter to act helpless so other people will do her work?"

Ted: "Just buy the stupid cookies!!"

Dilbert: "Have you considered foster care for your kids?"

--From a Dilbert cartoon reprinted in Lockheed Martin Today magazine for July 1997. Page 12.

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