Quote(s) of the Week (October 26, 1997)

On Making A Difference...

"I am opposed to keeping books like this in our school. I will not read some of the highlighted parts, but I will tell you I wouldn’t read this book to my grandmother. I mean, this book has 14-year-olds having sex with 15-year-olds and, well, I don’t know how to say this but… sexual relations with a dead body."
--School Board member Charlie Colgan, concerning the book ‘The House of Spirits’ by Isabel Allende, during a school board meeting in Virginia. The book was required reading for the International Baccalaureate English class until 17-year-old Amy Smelser publicly objected to reading the novel which she described as ‘explicitly vulgar and filthy material.’ The Prince William Journal for October 24, 1997. Front page.

On College Education in America...

"At Yale, a student publication, ‘Light and Truth’, drew on the college catalog to shape an entire four-year course of study without any academic base – from ‘Intermediate Yoruba’ to ‘Troubadours and Rock Stars’ – one that the administration confirmed would lead to a bachelor’s degree."
--Martin Gross, author of ‘The End of Sanity: Social and Cultural Madness in America.’ Washington Times for October 22, 1997. Page A15.

On Working Women...

"A May 1997 survey of 1100 women by the Pew Research Center for People and the Press found that 41 percent thought ‘a family in which the father worked and the mother stayed home was best for raising children.’ Forty-four percent of respondents with children under 18 said they would prefer part-time to full-time employment. A Parents magazine poll found that 61 percent of mothers would prefer to work part-time and 29 percent would prefer not to work outside the home at all."
--Mona Charen, nationally syndicated columnist. Washington Times for October 23, 1997. Page A20.

On Sex in the Workplace...

"Until now, no employer would dare ask about the sex life of an employee. But ENDA’s freshly minted job classification for homosexuals would enshrine sexual behavior as a basis for preferential hiring. Then, no employers could ever be sure they were compliant without first determining sexual preference With no obvious physical characteristics such as race or physical handicap by which to judge, the only way to find out is to ask, which is why the ENDA legislation now being demanded by homosexual activists is a gross abuse of anyone wanting to keep his or her sex life private."
--Gary Bauer, President of American Renewal (and the Family Research Council), ina full-page advertisement concerning the Employment Non-Descrimination Act being promoted by homosexual activists. Washington Times for October 24, 1997. Page A9

On Playing God...

"Instead of growing an intact embryo, you could genetically reprogram the embryo to suppress growth in all the parts of the body except the bits you want, plus a heart and blood circulation."
--Embryologist Jonathan Slack, concerning the idea of genetically growing organs. Washington Times for October 20, 1997. Front page.

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