Quote(s) of the Week (November 9, 1997)

On Feeling Selfish...

"And think how you felt every time in your life you were tempted to do something that was selfish and you didn’t do it, and the next day you felt wonderful…. That’s how this state is going to feel if you vote for Don Beyer."
--President Bill Clinton, referring to tax cuts for Virginians as being 'selfish' while unsuccessfully campaigning in Virginia for gubernatorial candidate Don Beyer. Washington Times for November 4, 1997. Page A14.

On Exposing the Nonsense...

"Calling tax cuts selfish is a particularly self-centered, self-important and self-serving liberal attitude. Since when is allowing an American family to use their hard-earned money anything but fair?"
--Christina Martin, spokeswoman for House Speaker Newt Gingrich, concerning Mr. Clinton’s comments about tax cuts being selfish. Washington Times for November 4, 1997. Page A14.

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