Quote(s) of the Week (April 19, 1998)

On Foreshadowing...

"He who is void of virtuous attachments in private life is, or very soon will be, void of all regard for his country.  There is seldom an instance of a man guilty of betraying his country, who had not before lost the feeling of moral obligations in his private connections...."
--Samuel Adams, in a letter to James Warren dated November 4, 1775.  Quoted from the Family Research Council's Washington Watch magazine.  March 1998.  Page 7.

On Appetites and Freedom...

"Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains on their own appetites.  Society cannot exist unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere, and the less of it there is within, the more there is without.  It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free.  Their passions forge their fetters."
--Edmund Burke.  Quoted from the Family Research Council's Washington Watch magazine.  February 1998.  Page 8.

On Short-sightedness...

"Many Christians resist accountability because of a violated trust.  Past betrayal convinces them to go it alone.  Their reasoning goes something like this: because I've been burned, I'll never risk again.  If we were so short-sighted in other arenas, we would never learn to walk, sing or write.  If we lock the doors and close the shutters because somebody let us down, we live in darkness, never seeing the light of forgiveness or restoration."
--David B. Crabtree, in "Winning the War Against Temptation".  Pentecostal Evangel.  April 12, 1998.  Page 20.

On Georgia Jane...

"We are, in some ways, like some developing countries.... In the northern part of Georgia, children are starving to death."
--Jane Fonda, speaking at a United Nations gathering about the lessons she learned since coming to Georgia.  Washington Times.  April 19, 1998.  Page B1.

On America First...

"If Fonda believes there are starving children in north Georgia, she should start feeding them instead of feeding buffalo in Montana.  Or maybe she could persuade her husband to redirect his $1 billion pledge to the U.N. and spend it in America."
--Rep. Nathan Deal, Georgia Republican whose district is in north Georgia.  Mr. Deal said he is unaware of any children who have starved to death in his district.  Washington Times.  April 19, 1998.  Page B1.


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